Should You Use Authentic & Third-Party Parts For Your Dental Implant?

Dental Implant: Which should you use? First Choice Dental Lab in Chicago & Downers Grove

Every dentist knows the challenges around choosing the right abutment when their patient needs a permanent implant restoration.

The question of whether to use authentic or third-party implant parts for a patient is always an issue to address from the get-go.

This post examines and evaluates the differences between choosing authentic and third-party implant parts to help you with this important decision.




The warranty offered by the implant manufacturer is always a key consideration when choosing between authentic parts and third-party parts.

Both authentic and third-party dental implant manufacturers offer warranties on their parts. Warranty length and coverage can vary from product to product though, so it is important to understand the warranty’s terms before choosing between authentic or third-party dental implants.

If you use a third-party manufacturer, it usually results in the voiding of the dental implant manufacturer’s warranty.




Quality is a major aspect to consider when choosing between authentic and third-party parts.

In order to not violate existing patents, third-party manufacturers must alter the original architecture slightly. It is important to know what impact this can have on the fit and quality of the final restoration as well as the impact on the implant itself.

If the fit of an abutment is not as precise, it can lead to failure of the dental implant.


Manufacturer Support


Manufacturers of authentic parts generally offer a higher level of customer service than those producing third-party parts.

First Choice Dental Lab has strong relationships with the major authentic manufacturers – including BioHorizons, Dentsply Sirona, Megagen, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, and Zimmer Biomet. Many of these implant manufacturers will meet with the dentist and work with the lab to help troubleshoot a problem with an implant if the dentist is using their authentic part.

That kind of service does not happen with the third-party manufacturers.

“We have great relationship with our implant reps,” Matt Cushing, owner and president of First Choice Dental Lab, said.

“And they help talk to us through any difficult cases. We love the support that we get from the reps and their companies.”




As authentic parts and third-party parts come with different warranties and different levels of customer support, their price tags are different as well.

Authentic parts are typically more expensive than third-party brands, so dentists should be sure that they are comparing “apples to apples” when discussing implant pricing with their dental labs. Specifically, it is important that, if a dentist or dental practice is comparing the price from different labs, they understand whether they are being quoted for authentic or third-party parts.

According to Cushing, “as a full-service dental lab offering excellent service and quality, we just want to be on an even playing field when providing quotes and pricing for implant restorations for dentists.”




First Choice Dental Lab offers both authentic and third-party parts, but recommends that dentists strongly consider the warranty, service and customer support that accompanies authentic implant parts before moving forward with an implant restoration.

“There are differences,” Cushing added, “and it is important to understand these differences so you can make an educated decision on the final restoration. Although the price can be higher, we have had more success and see a better overall restoration when authentic implant parts are utilized.”

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