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Are you a dentist who wants to use an intraoral IOS scanner, but you’re not quite ready to make the investment? At First Choice Dental Lab, we offer a dental scanner leasing program that’s designed just for you!

Ask us about our Intraoral Scanner (IOS) program

  • No Capital Expense
  • Low Monthly Payment
    • The more digital cases you send, the lower the monthly payment

Why Your Dental Practice Should Have an IOS:

  • Fast and easy transmission to the lab
  • Avoid the messy and time-consuming preparation of traditional/physical (possibly contaminated) impressions
  • Easy clean up and disinfection – No patient discomfort or gagging that traditional/physical impressions causes.
  • Grow your practice – Digital scanning is a great marketing tool.
  • Studies have shown that patients love the instantaneous 3-D picture intraoral scanners provide and believe doctors using digital impression systems as more expert, accomplished and advanced.
  • Accuracy – Intraoral scanning is lauded for its accuracy
  • Efficient use of chair time for both you and your patients


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