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Hawley Retainers First Choice Dental Lab


Includes a metal wire that will typically surround the anterior teeth to stabilize them. There are two loops for adjustment. It is anchored in an acrylic arch that sits in the arch of the mouth.


Appliance Color Guide


Hawley retainers – labial bow, no clasps

Hawley retainers – labial bow, 2 ball clasps

Hawley retainers – labial bow, 2 Adams clasps

Hawley wraparound retainers

Lingual arch

Transpalatal arch (fixed)

Rapid palatal expander – 4 arm screw

Rapid palatal expander – 2 arm screw

Modified spring retainerS

Quad helix (fixed)

Bi helix (fixed)

Band and loop space maintainer

Nance button

Study models – Type A – soaped, neatly sculpted (set)

Study models – Type B – rough trimmed (set)

Acrylic pad

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